Ronald I.
Submitted 07/07/22
Good experience at sleep center

Kathleen M.
Submitted 07/05/22
Pleasant and informative

Lee E.
Submitted 06/21/22
Dr. Mehta listens attentively and takes her patients’ experience into account when she suggests a treatment plan. My last two sleep doctors–both of them quoted as experts in the media–tried to fit me into their own firmly held beliefs and both actually made my sleep worse. With Dr. Mehta’s help I am starting to undo the damage and am finally optimistic about sleeping long enough to treat my sleep apnea.

James M.
Submitted 06/14/22
The bestest doctor and staff

James D.
Submitted 05/24/22
I felt that I was treated with respect and explain everything.

Julie K.
Submitted 05/21/22
Dr. Mehta is kind, knowledgeable, supportive and respectful- I feel fortunate to have her on my healthcare team. Office staff are consistently friendly and helpful.

Tamera B.
Submitted 05/16/22
Professional, courteous and kind!!!!!!

David O.
Submitted 05/13/22
Dr. Mehta was great. She really listened, And gave me the choice of whether to proceed with a sleep study or not. I chose to wait. But, thinking about the questions she asked particularly are you tired all the time, I realized that I should have a sleep study. I definitely feel I am not getting enough oxygen at night. I will call Dr. Mehta on Monday. Thank you.

Carl H.
Submitted 05/04/22
Caring and professional

Ann A.
Submitted 04/22/22
Good Dr ,listens to what I say

Sudhanshu M.
Submitted 04/08/22
Wonderful as always

Jamal D.
Submitted 04/05/22
Great service and great care!

Mary Ann P.
Submitted 03/17/22
Dr. Mehta is my favorite doctor ever! So personable and helpful!

Ruth G.
Submitted 03/08/22

Matthew S.
Submitted 03/07/22
Video session was easy to access. Visit was efficient but thorough. Dr. Mehta, as always, was a pleasure to speak with, answered questions clearly and genuinely, and provided helpful guidance.

Jennifer C.
Submitted 02/12/22
Dr Mehta is very approachable. My one complaint is not being able to pay my co-payments online. I have to send a check or call during business hours

Susan W.
Submitted 02/05/22
Efficient, on time, warm friendly, compassionate care.

Lana C.
Submitted 01/18/22
Very courteous and prompt genuinely cares

Sally J.
Submitted 01/12/22
Warm and professional. Attends to situation immediately.

Grace B.
Submitted 01/03/22
The website was easy to use.

Elzbieta K.
Submitted 12/27/21
Dr Meena is thorough, patient and listens carefully to all my needs. She efficiently went through my symptoms and addressed them one by one. Within a week I was feeling better with her proposed treatment. Would recommend her and office to anyone.

Janice M.
Submitted 12/12/21
The staff are very friendly

Theresa B.
Submitted 12/01/21

Nilza D.
Submitted 11/29/21
About Dr. Meena! She is very helpful and gives us peace of mind and security. Affectionate and friendly!

George E.
Submitted 11/08/21

Denise G.
Submitted 08/19/21
This was a helpful meeting for me. I have a healthful plan which will be followed up with another meeting. I’m glad to have seen Dr. Mehta today.

Betsey C.
Submitted 08/05/21
Wonderful experience today. Looking forward to my next virtual appointment with the doctor.

Theresa Y.
Submitted 06/29/21
Virtual appointment was easy to access without issues.

Norma B.
Submitted 06/24/21
The visit was a virtual visit. Dr. Mehta communicated all pertinent information in a clear and concise manner, and in a manner which was easily understood by the patient. She allowed for more than adequate time for the visit. The patient never once was left feeling rushed or hurried. The patient felt listen to and that her concerns were taken seriously and addressed satisfactorily. In addition to effectively communicating her medical expertise, Dr Mehta’s caring and compassionate nature where evidence throughout the visit.

Raymond R.
Submitted 10/19/20
Professional, compassionate, knowledgeable.

Chintan P.
Submitted 12/18/19
I would highly recommend her for any problems related to pulmonary and sleep. I had a great experience with her.

Todd H.
Submitted 12/17/19
Dr. Mehta has changed my life. I sleep so much better now with my CPAP. Thank you!

Malcolm R.
Submitted 11/08/19
Very professional and nice

Patricia N.
Submitted 11/05/19
Visit handled very professionally. Appointment was as made with no delays. Prescriptions submitted in a timely fashion.

John Z.
Submitted 11/05/19
Dr Mehta is a caring, competent physician. I’ve been going to her for years. No complaints

Eliana I.
Submitted 11/04/19
All staff is very friendly

Stuart E.
Submitted 10/31/19
Our experience was very positive, the office staff were pleasant and helpful and Dr. Mehta made in efficient history of sleep apnea concerns and offered a helpful plan for diagnosis and treatment.

Stephen G.
Submitted 10/31/19
Dr. Mehta is compassionate, competent and careful.

Susan D.
Submitted 10/28/19
As usual the staff was helpful and friendly. Dr. Mehta was patient and took her time evaluating my concerns. As usual a pleasant and positive experience.

Teresa B.
Submitted 10/15/19
Great experience with kind care givers

Michael T.
Submitted 10/08/19
Efficient check-in. Called into office within minutes. Thorough, informative consult with Dr Mehta. Clear instructions provided

Jacquelyn J.
Submitted 10/01/19
Prompt efficient caring service.

James M.
Submitted 09/17/19
Very happy staff, professional, efficient and great doctor

Judith F.
Submitted 09/12/19
I had several questions And Dr Mehta gave me Clear concise answers ..very helpful.

Tammi G.
Submitted 08/29/19
Timely, professional

Sarah K.
Submitted 08/08/19
Staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Mehta was attentive to my concerns and procedures she was recommending.

David W.
Submitted 08/08/19

Richard S.
Submitted 07/22/19
I find Dr. Mehta to be very thorough and a great listener. This trait is extremely important for a doctor. I would recommend Dr. Mehta

Timothy D.
Submitted 07/07/19
Dr Mehta has known me a long time and answers my questions and provides feedback re sleep apnea + the CPAP.

Carol K.
Submitted 07/01/19
Appointments are alway on time. I have been a patient of Dr. Mehta and I highly recommend her.

Mitchell S.
Submitted 06/27/19
Very professional and friendly.

Jeffrey B.
Submitted 06/24/19
Dr Mehta is a gem. Pleasant friendly authentic and a pleasure to talk to. A genuine professional

Debra M.
Submitted 06/18/19
Great staff. Took me early for my appt. Dr. Mehta was thorough, warm, efficient and straightforward in addressing my issues. Staff followed up next day with insurance authorizations for sleep study. Excellent 1st visit.

Richard B.
Submitted 06/04/19
Great. Everyone was professional and organized. I love the staff, and dr. Mehta.

Elizabeth T.
Submitted 06/04/19
Office staff professional. Dr. Mena is friendly and interested. Very capable.

Karen C.
Submitted 05/30/19
Dr. Mehta Asked me all the right questions. I am doing all the right things. Dr. Gave me some good ideas that I can follow. Thanks

Joseph D.
Submitted 05/30/19
Dr Mehta and her staff are very supportive informative and excellent in what they do . Dr Mehta sincerely cares about her patients it is obvious in her interactions and visits with you .

Lisa R.
Submitted 05/09/19
Dr Mehta really listens to what’s going on with how you are feeling

John J.
Submitted 05/02/19
I received excellent care.

Yoanna O.
Submitted 05/02/19
Very warm to be remembered by Dr. Mehta and catch up on life after not seeing her since 2017. She actually cares about her patients’ quality of life beyond just their sleeping conditions.

Edith Y.
Submitted 04/10/19
Dr. Meena, is always kind and informative. She has a gentle soul and very in gaged with your situation. She has worked with me for a few years now and I am pleased with her work.

Susan F.
Submitted 04/02/19
I’ve been seeing Dr. Mehta for many years. I have a tremendous amount if respect for her as a doctor. I appreciate that she is both thorough, straightforward and kind.

Richard S.
Submitted 04/01/19
Dr. Mehta was friendly, to the point, and easy to understand.

Thais A.
Submitted 03/26/19
Amazing and attentive! Great doctor.

Lisa K.
Submitted 03/26/19
Always pleasant and thorough

Susan S.
Submitted 03/19/19
An appointment with Dr Mehta is always a calm pleasant experience. She carefully explains any procedures and costs. I feel she is interested in questions that come up. And she smiles.

Linda C.
Submitted 03/07/19
Dr. Mehta’s staff are very pleasant and helpful. Dr.Mehta is a wonderful listener. She does not rush you, I feel that she is very confident at her job when I meet with her.

Maryjean P.
Submitted 02/20/19
Doctor is very personable…I am anxious for results

Donna M.
Submitted 12/24/18
Very easy and pleasant checking in. Dr. Is very attentive and thoughtful throughout the appointment.

James J.
Submitted 01/15/18
I was seen promptly by a friendly Staff and was seen in a very timely manner.